Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Two good things Tuesday...

FRESH Sugar Lip Treatment in Petal
(Can be found here)

I was gifted two minis of this lip treatment by Sephora 
last year for the Birthday Gift they do every year. I 
received clear and rose and wasn't that in love with
either one. But then, I was gifted the same lip treatment
but in Petal recently and I love it!! I love the subtle color
and the amazing moisturizing, staying power! Since, I have
even gone back and given the other two a second try.
The amount of moisture this lip treatment gives is enough
in itself. The gorgeous color is just the cherry on top! 

Urban Decay B6 Vitamin-Infused Complexion
 Prep Spray
(Can be found here)

I'm gonna be real with you here. I'm not even 100% 
sure this stuff works, but I love the way it feels when 
you spray it on your face! Its cool and dries quickly.
It doesn't make my skin feel dry or itchy. It just feels 
refreshing and smells like its good for your skin! I
know that sounds silly, but just try it for yourself. It's
hard to ignore how lovely it is. I only have a sample 
size at the moment, but i think this will be something
I will invest in. I take b everyday for energy purposes,
why shouldn't I also spray it liberally on my face? 
Sounds like the best idea since...sugar lip 

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