Monday, November 25, 2013


Anyone else feeling a little sluggish today?
Is it me? Is it the holiday coming up? Is it 
the turkey I had at lunch today? Or was it 
the pumpkin cupcake or maybe it was the 
slice of German Chocolate cake? Oh, I 
know! I can totally blame it on the
 weather. Yea, that's it. It's this 
cold weather.
Speaking of Yawn, good gosh, no one wore
anything to the American Music Awards worth
reporting, so...yea.
This weekend was good! My husband takes good
care of me you guys. He's kinda the best thing 
that's ever happened to me. Have I told you 
Guess what else was good? The Tortilla Soup I
made last night. Good gracious, oh sorry, I 
didn't give you time to guess. I wouldn't have 
heard you anyways. So this tortilla soup, I 
looked and looked for a good recipe, they were
all pretty involved or had ingredients the
blonde buy would not dare eat, so I just 
went for it! Made it from what I thought 
would be good. And you know what? It was! 
I might actually be Mexican somewhere in 
here y'all. It comes and goes.

Oh yea, here's something totally unrelated
 in every way! Me and my beautiful sister...

Yea...were those kinda people.

I hope you had a lovely weekend! 

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