Monday, December 23, 2013

taking stock // 002...

Making: one last Christmas present
Cooking : anything easy
Drinking : Only water for this sick girl
Reading: In the middle of Jane Eyre, at the beginning of Allegiant
Wanting: time with my sweet family
Looking: for the best cough medicine in the world
Playing: Words with Friends
Wasting: nail polish by the gallon
Sewing: nothing but wanting to sew something
Wishing: for sleep
Enjoying: Days are Gone by HAIM
Waiting: to have a free weekend...
Liking: anything warm
Wondering: when a new adventure will begin
Loving: the booties my blonde boy bought me for Christmas
Hoping: to get everything done before we head to see family
Marveling: at how big my sweet nephews have gotten, cant wait to squeeze em'!
Needing: a cough drop
Smelling: nothing at the moment
Wearing: my new Sam Edelman booties and my rad "lumberjack" shirt!
Following: sales...
Noticing: my excitement about going home becoming more intense 
Knowing: Ill get to spend most of the week with those I love ♥
Thinking: a second pack of day medicine would have been a good thing...
Feeling: congested
Bookmarking: new lipstick color options to try
Opening: Christmas presents!
Giggling: with my momma this past weekend was just what the doctor ordered
Feeling: excited

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