Thursday, January 9, 2014

A little bit heavy...

Do you ever get that feeling? That feeling that maybe
you're the only one who doesn't have the answers? Like 
maybe you're the only silly who made a few bad decisions 
here, a few there? Sure, these were not earth shattering,
 heck, they were most likely decisions everyone around
 you was making as well. But isn't it funny how we begin
 to take these things into ourselves and we blow them up 
into these huge ordeals? We let them affect us, we
 carry them on our shoulders, heavy and tired. 
For each of us, these burdens are different, for me it is
the haunting feeling of having no degree and all that
 comes with it. No piece of paper awarded to me with
 my name on it, with my chosen career path emblazoned
 on it. College credits, I have, degree, not so much. I have
 some pieces of paper with my name on them, one that I
 am mighty proud of, you know of the marriage certificate
 variety. (I'm pretty proud of that one really, I especially
 like the other name on it!) But, oh how I would love to
 have the other. I don't say this to make it seem like you
 have to have a degree, because you absolutely DO NOT.
 We all see our life laid out before us when we are young,
 we begin to decide who it is we want to be. Not everyone
 needs or wants a degree, but for me, it was and is in the 
cards I've chosen for myself. 
I say all of this to say, no matter what your burden,
your mistakes or your shortcomings, first and foremost
remember to let God take the reigns, ask him to show 
you which route to take and how to accomplish what seems
impossible. Secondly believe in you, believe in your talents,
your heart, your will.  And thirdly, lean on your support
system, I thank God for mine everyday!
We can do this you guys! 

It's almost Friday!!!

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