Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Black & White...

There is something so incredibly chic about black & white.
Something that cant be ignored. It's elegant, it's rigid, but
the fun part is that it is so expressive and you can always
 add a fun pop of color to up the ante!
I think there is definitely some leeway in the term "black &
white." These days that could mean a light grey or off white 
and black, dark grey or even the deepest reds give this same
attitude. For the sake of black & white, I stuck with mostly 
actual black & white in my board, with the exception of the
 bag, because, I mean...


Also, how stinkin' cute is that diamond ring charm?
I'm in love!

Do you think I said black & white enough in this one post? Gosh.

Happy Wednesday!!

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