Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Golden Globes 2014...

Well, shall we talk about the Globes? Shall we
talk about how we all wish Sandra wouldn't have
 worn this...
Sandra Bullock
She does look really pretty despite that dress,
but that's probably because she's Sandra Bullock.
Her makeup is perfection, those lips. Gorgeous.
What makes me so sad about this look is that the 
dress itself is gorgeous, it fits like a glove, it falls
weightlessly. But huge patches of baby pink and
baby blue just...no, just no.

My first favorite of the night is controversial...
Kaley Cuoco Sweeting
I'm not sure anyone liked it but me. But I 
think its beautiful and whimsical and she looks
breathtaking. So forgive me if you all hate this
but it's kinda perfect on her with the simple 
hair and super dramatic eyes!

My second favorite of the night...
Sarah Paulson
Oh my goodness. Could she be anymore beautiful?
The dress is stunning, the makeup is stunning and
the hair is...yep, you guessed it, stunning. 

Please don't ever wear this again of the night...
Paula Patton
Stop it. That hem, that fabric, the pound of
extra fabric covering the left side of your body
is less than flattering, much much less. 

And my why do I like this of the night...
Emma Watson
I don't really want to like this, but it's so
fun and vibrant and fresh. She took a risk 
here and I think it paid off. If she had her hair 
down and more makeup I would probably hate
this look, but I feel like it was executed so 

Don't you just LOVE awards season?

Happy Tuesday!

*all photos via google

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