Thursday, January 16, 2014


Yesterday was a long know
the kind. The kind that feels like it may
actually never end. 
There were a lot of emotions. Knowing 
someone you love and hold incredibly dear
is undergoing a very invasive surgery for
hours upon hours will take it out of you. 
But Ill tell you what, hearing she was all
done and ALL of the cancer is gone, well 
that causes a lot of emotions too. But of the 
happy, joyful and grateful variety. 

I am grateful for my sweet tia!
You can call her Elva.
I am grateful that I know her like I do.
I am grateful for her God fearing heart.
I am grateful for her sweet nature.
She has a servant's heart, I am grateful
that we have that in common.
I am grateful for her "scratching" my back
and arms (which sounds awful but is 
actually just running long nails softly on 
skin until a little one falls asleep)
I am grateful that my God is bigger than cancer!

                                    ▲                                         ▲                                           ▲
                                  momma                                grandma                            tia

It's almost Friday! 

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