Friday, January 17, 2014

Tulle skirt lovin'...

"Skirt be mine!!!" That's what I said when
I saw this tulle skirt months ago. Make that 
months and months ago. My initial idea was
to wear this to my sweet friend Ashley's wedding
I was in, in mid-December, but guess what you guys?
I couldn't find a top that looked good with this skirt 
in the same color to save my life. So I ended up 
wearing it to the rehearsal brunch! It was perfect!
 It was delicate and dainty, but I think the chunky 
tie booties and the chambray made it more casual.
The pearls made it super girly! I was really happy
with this look and I am just waiting for any reason 
to put that tulle skirt back on!

The one I am wearing is no longer available,
but I've linked up a few below for you!



Happy Friday my lovely friends!

P.S. This skirt is magical too. I mean, not only did I meet 
Santa the day I wore it but the checkout girl a Target
told me I looked cute, so yea...magic.

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