Monday, January 20, 2014

This weekend...

This weekend was cleaner. That's the only way
to explain my violent outbursts of organizing and
 cleaning everything. One minute I'm watching
 TV, the next I'm cleaning, I'm eating, I'm purging
the cabinets, I'm sleeping, I'm suddenly dusting.
It was weird you guys. But dang! My apartment 
looks great! I have clean clothes, organized
 bathroom cabinets, even my ceiling fans
 are clean...

There was some seriously needed blonde boy
 time, I mean like serious. Followed by some
 seriously needed best buddies time with pizza 
which just drove that business straight over
 the top! Also, I had some crazy fantastic,
 creamy, tasty tiramisu aaaaaannnndddd not
 one but two Nothing Bundt Cakes bundlets.
 Don't worry though, me and the blonde boy
 shared all of them, I would never eat all of
 those by myself...and then tell you. 

I also got to see my tia! She looked great,
she's so strong! I'm amazed and grateful for 
the process of her surgery! Unbelievably 
amazing stuff. 

All in all, with not one picture taken to 
prove it, this weekend was positively one
 of the best!

Cheers to Monday!

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