Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Two good things Tuesday...

Did anyone notice my little update to the site? 
Cleaner, more fresh looking! I love it! I am 
working on getting a header with my own art 
on it! So that should be coming sometime
 soon I hope!! I also love my new little
instagram friend over there >>> 

"I work out"
Hahaha! I'm just kidding, but I did yesterday.
I seriously worked out though! I took a 1 hour 
pilates class followed by a 1 hour barre class.
I know, what was I thinking? I am soooorrree.
Also both of those classes were hard and I felt
very proud that I didn't pass out or throw up! 
Yay! So now after work I get to go to the gym 
so that I will be able to walk tomorrow. You 
know, because the second day soreness is
always much, much worse!

So cheers to a fresh looking site and 2 hours
of working out! 

Happy Tuesday!!

*GIF from Google


  1. Lol, nice video clip. I DID notice you have a new header up top. =)