Friday, January 24, 2014

Easy, Edgy nails...

I saw a really cool idea in my latest Glamour 
mag. It seemed like an easy, quick and fun
look. So here it is. 

1.) Start with a neutral and a very dark shade
of your choice.
I used OPI's Moon over Mumbai and 4 in the Morning

2.) Paint two coats of your neutral and let dry.
Or at least sorta dry.

3.) Now for the fun part. Haphazardly paint the
top half of each nail with the dark color you 
chose. It doesn't have to be perfect. The 
uneven edges just add to the overall look.

4.) And then when you inevitably have to pee not 
two seconds after you finish applying the second 
color and you mess up random nails. Remove 
all of the polish on these nails and just go for 
the dark color to coat the whole nail. Really you 
should just start out this way, I actually prefer
how it turned out below! 

 5.) Don't forget to use a top coat ( I used 
Rimmel Matte top coat on just the dark polish)
and Nicole Drying drops! They will save you
from at least some of those dreaded sheet 

Happy Friday Friends!!

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