Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A little somethin' for the MR...

I have linked up a couple of last minute Valentines Day
 gift ideas for your guy! I've linked these to online stores
 and also told you where to go locally to find these goods! 

Steve Madden Bronxxx Chukka Boots- My hubby has 
these in black! I think the brown ones are gorgeous
as well!!!
(Can also be found at Nordstrom)

Bond50 Box Set- What guy doesn't want every single 
Bond movie ever made in one awesome set?
(Can also be found at Best Buy in store)

GameFly Membership- The gamer in my life loves this!
It's like NetFlix but for games!! This gives your guy an
opportunity to try every game their heart desires!

Jack Black Lip Balm- This stuff is perfect! It smells 
great but isn't girly and it works wonderfully. Plus 
ladies, you will want to borrow this from your guy
sometimes, it's that good!
(Can also be found at Sephora in store)

Turtle Beach Gaming Headphones- These are on
the wish list for both the gamer AND the gamer's
 wife in our house! Anything to cover the sound of
zombies, gunfire and creepy character voices!
(Can also be found at SAMs and Best Buy in store)

Just a couple of quick ideas in case your still 

Happy Wednesday!

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