Thursday, February 13, 2014

It's a date...

Sure, Valentines Day is one of the cheesier
holidays. (I mean... I like cheese) But what can
you really hate about love being spread around
like wildfire? I am a firm believer that this day
should not be the one day a year you show your
significant other extra love. Everyday should be
 so, so full of love! But I am also a firm believer
 in love.♥ So this holiday makes me happy. ♥
 We are disgustingly in love and don't say that
 to be boastful, but I'm incredibly proud of us, 
how much we love each other and want to be 
near each other constantly after 11 years. 
There's still so many more days and years to 
come and that just makes me the happiest
 girl alive! 

The blonde boy has our night planned, I'm
pretty excited because I usually always have
to pick where we eat! Well not this time! I'll
dress up, we'll eat, we'll laugh and we'll talk. 
That's plenty for this girl. Having that blonde 
boy all to myself! (Ooohhh and sleeping in
Saturday morning, ooohhh and dessert...

I cannot wait!

What are your plans?

It's almost Friday!

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