Friday, February 14, 2014

Christmas booties...

Hey booties...where you been all my life? 

I got two awesome pairs of booties for 
Christmas this year and they were gorgeous. 
One problem, one pair had one boot that
was smaller than the other, so I returned 
that pair, reordered them and ended up with
 said gorgeous booties again with still one
 smaller. I returned them again sadly, but
 was not confident in the company to reorder
a third time. So I began looking for the 
perfect booties, it was a long road y'all.
When I finally ordered these, I was afraid 
they would come in under or over sized
or I would hate all the extra leather detail
in person.Well guess what? Not only did
 they fit perfect but they are thee best!! I 
wanna wear em' everyday! These look
great with jeans, but I'm excited for 
warmer weather, because I wanna 
style these with everything from
shorts to dresses!!

Oh, Sam Edelman, you know my heart!!

Happy Love Day my friends!!!

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