Thursday, February 6, 2014

Who I am and such...

I know. Funny picture right? A year or
so ago, my sisters and I were going through
 a closet at my moms house and we found 
this old dress of mine. I HAD to try it on. 
It fit, it wouldn't zip all the way, that's
for sure, but it nearly did. 
So anyways, I was joking around with my
mom the other day and she threatened to 
spank me, which led me to remembering 
funny little things about that little girl up 
there. About how she would ask for a Dr. 
Pepper, be told no and then quickly go
 make one "for mom". 
Me: I made you this Dr. Pepper
Mom: I didn't want a Dr. Pepper
Me: Oh ok, well then I'll just drink it.
(Worked every time and I'm still a sucker
 for a Dr. Pepper!)
I loved and LOVE to dress up, any chance
I get! 
I loved and LOVE my family with my whole
heart. I'm always surprised when I manage
 to make more room for the wonderful people
that continue to come into my life and 
enrich it!
I feel very blessed that I've grown up and 
matured but have still held on to the important
 parts of that little girl I once was. Every part of 
me started with her and the way I was brought
 up. I can't wait to see what kind of littlies
me and the blonde boy bring into this world.
Not just yet, but one day.

This song for laying by the fire with a big cup of coffee!

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