Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday Things...

I want...
 I've wanted this specific parka for more than a year 
now, since I first saw it on Sydney
But she looks good in anything, so...

Let's talk about...
Last night.
What started as my husband mocking me
and copying every movement of my body to 
mess with me became one of the funnest and
funniest nights we have had to date. There
were some serious belly laughs. I've said it 
before and I'll say it again. A night of 
laughing with that blonde boy is so good 
for my soul. 

You should eat...
These new skittles...
*Photo from*
Because YUM! Especially the Blood Orange.

For this gorgeous culinary tour of Italy 
I saw this bright and early this morning. Who 
knew such beautiful, all inclusive vacays 

That's all the things. 

Oh, except burgers. Yea, burgers are the kind
of things you can't leave out. From anywhere really.
I'm not too burger picky, I'm a lover of all burgers.
As long as they have cheese.

Now, THAT is ALL the things.

Happy Thursday my lovelies!

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