Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Throwback Thursday of sorts // 002...

I stumbled across this picture the other day.
And a flood of thoughts hit me.

-This is the only picture of myself in glasses I can truly
say I like.
-I like this picture
-My lips look extra plump here, what lip gloss am I
-Why did I get rid of that shirt?
-Gosh I miss those glasses, those were the best.

But mostly I remember how I felt that day.
I felt hopeful, excited, adventurous. It's been 
a while since I've felt that kind of hope. I've 
had plenty of fantastic days, been overly excited,
I've even felt adventurous. I honestly have such 
a beautiful life, full of laughter and love. But
 that kind of hope hasn't found a place in my 
head or my heart for some time. 

I want to feel that again. 
That insatiable hope, the feeling that I am 
inexplicably talented and that I can conquer
 the world!

My husband laid it out for me the other day.

I have to want it. I have to run after it. Sitting
around waiting for my hope to return is like 
sitting at home watching TV, waiting for 5 lbs 
to magically drop off my waist. It ain't gonna 

The thing I tend to forget about this day is 
that THIS DAY was me taking a leap of faith
Going for something that felt completely out
of reach and like I had it in the bag all at the
same time.

It's time to run after that HOPE!

What do you say?


  1. I love when you can look at a picture and remember how you felt that day! Just lovely :)
    xo TJ

    1. Completely agree! Crazy how that happens, isn't it? :)