Friday, April 18, 2014

Date Night Essentials...

Sometimes I lug my huge bag along for date night
but sometimes I wise up and I grab my favorite
little COACH wristlet and just stuff the 
necessities inside and I'm good to go! 
Not only do I love the "pinky-brown nude" color
but its long wearing and doesn't dry out my lips!
This stuff is my Favorite!! Its got that classic
cherry scent and it is GREAT for moisture! Plus
it has SPF 18. Its my ultimate Go-To!
(If you hate Cherry, they have other flavors!)
♥ A personal mirror! This one is actually the
empty from Urban Decay's late blendable blush.
Once it was gone, the mirror was just too perfect 
for on the go to toss.
♥Gum and dental floss for a quick after dinner 
freshen up!
♥Phone. You know for all those couple selfies
the blonde boy HATES but does because he

What's in your date night bag?

It's Friday!!
Happy Easter Lovelies!

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