Thursday, April 17, 2014

The magic's in the Peeps...

Since it's so close to Easter, you've probably 
been seeing these yummy little marshmallow
bunnies and chicks all over the place. And
maybe you don't love them, or maybe they 
just aren't your favorite.

But when I see those babies start popping up,
my world gets a little brighter, a whole lot
sweeter and I start to feel nostalgic.
I honestly don't know if even one year has 
passed in my span of memory where I didn't
have at least one Peep. It's a well known 
fact I'm a big fan.
I was even with my dad once just a year ago
 or so grocery shopping when he came to visit 
and I was walking alone in search of something
 and I saw THE Peeps I immediately grabbed a 
pack and went running like a child yelling, 
"Dad, Daddy!! Peeps!!!" 
He just busted out laughing. He then explained
 to me that he had actually already seen them 
but wanted to see if I would still have a complete
 and total overreaction at just the sight of them.
I did.
And he thought it was cute.
So it was a win-win, he got to see me act like 
a 4 year old, I got two packages of Peeps.

Are you thinking to yourself, did I just read
an entire blog post about Peeps. 
To that I say, yea, you did. 

It's almost FRIDAY!!

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