Friday, April 11, 2014

On a rainy day...

It poured constantly last weekend but 
we decided to venture out for a quick dinner 
with friends anyway. I wanted to be comfy 
and I just had to wear my new Articles of
Society jeans that I scored at an online 
boutique for just $8.50 right before they
 sold out. These are $80.00 jeans y'all!! I 
already have these in army green and they
 are the absolute best! I might just switch 
between the two until they both completely
 fall apart. I'm kinda kidding.

▲Our umbrella comes from the blonde boy's
grandmother who worked/works for citi
bank, so just ignore that logo we 
attempted to hide, it snuck into this pic.

I hurried after I finished my fishtail braids to grab
the blonde boys beanie because I was worried he
would get to it before me. Sometimes a girl's
gotta steal her hubby's beanie. Am I right?

Cheers to the weekend!!


  1. Loving your boots! Hope it stops raining soon!

    1. Thank you! Rampage! :) It did but then it started right back up and now its COLD!! Lol. :) Oh well. Spring will eventually get all the way here.