Monday, April 14, 2014

This weekend...

Was positively lovely and I have almost no
pictures to show for it.

GIRLS NIGHT! ChickFilA and Gatsby with two
of my favorite chicks!

A baby shower for a sweet friend!! Hurry, hurry 
Gryphon, finish up in there so we can meet you!
Marble Slab and my favorite little taco place with
some good peeps!

RAIN!! So much rain. And TV lookin' and my fav
SAMs cheap pizza eating. Oh yea and also we
pretty much decided we are moving into STARPOWER
Entertainment. It's this super cool place the blonde
 boy wanted to check out, it was so fun! They have
all these kitchens and home theaters set up for 
you to try out and I assume they want you to buy 
stuff too. :) But we just window shopped and pushed
a lot of buttons... We found our happy places.
Oddly enough one of mine was the bathroom, I 
never met a huge mirror in a well lit private 
bathroom I didn't like...selfie time...but I wont
 bore/harass you with that weirdness. So back
 to our happy places...

 Whats a girl gotta do to get a top of the 
line, bajillion dollar kitchen?
I ♥ that kitchen.

The blonde boy ♥'s this gorgeous home
theater. Can't lie, my heart was doing some
fluttering in there too!! 

Aaaaaannndd Softball!! 
We ended the weekend with a WIN!!
Good Job guys!
(You can see proof of the blonde boy's 
athletic abilities here)

How was your weekend?

Hope you've had a lovely Monday!!

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