Friday, April 4, 2014

The Great Pretenders // 001...

I have expensive taste y'all, so it's always pretty
awesome when I happen upon a pretender product!
Yea, I just made that up. These are products that
satisfy my need for a product I don't want to spend
the money on at the time.

I am a huge OPI fan. They honestly have not only 
the best colors but with the right prep, base coat
and top coat, they have the best staying power 

I have two go-to polishes in my life both of which 
cost a whopping 8-10 bucks a bottle. Suzi skis in
the Pyrenees which is a dark color and then my all
time favorite neutral; Moon over Mumbai.

As you can tell in the photo below, I'm clean out 
of it, like I tipped it over and poured the last few
drops onto the brush out. But last night I had to 
grab some pasta sauce and what did I see when 
I somehow unintentionally ended up wondering 
the makeup aisles, pasta sauce in hand? My trusty
Rimmel 60 second polish had a new neutral and
it looked divine! I scooped it up because you
 know, $1.50 y'all. 

▲Good thing I held onto that empty bottle for this 
pic since I'm a hoarder...I'm kinda kidding.
▲Found this shot on my instagram of my 
adored Moon over Mumbai and a delicious
eyeshadow combo.
▲ Here it is you guys, $1.50 and I think 
I'm in love. Don't get me wrong, I'll be
buying a new bottle of Moon over Mumbai
but you cant beat the price or the gorgeous
neutral tone of Alaska! It's definitely a lighter
neutral but it's very lovely!

Do you guys know of any pretender products
 I should be using?

Cheers to Friday!!

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