Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Let it go...

Have you ever had something in your life
that was taken away? Something you held
dearly and felt completely akin to? Have 
you ever just wished you could let it go?
Wished you could just be grateful for the
time you had it, grateful for what you
 learned from the experience?

I have. And it seems as though no matter 
how hard I attempt to be grateful and 
proud of myself for even having the 
opportunity, it still creeps into my dreams
at night, still makes me feel less than 
I am and still makes me wish things 
had turned out differently.

Well, things didn't turn out differently
and the honest fact is that I did learn so
much from the experience and I am 
seriously so grateful I had the chance to
experience what I did.

So I'm not sure what your going through,
I'm not sure if you can relate. But here's
what I'm going to do. I am going to choose 
to be grateful, to not let anyone or anything
ever make me feel less than what God made
me to be and I am going to be proud. I am 
going to allow myself the time to heal, no
matter how long that is. No amount of time 
is too much or too little, sometimes we just
really get knocked off our feet and fall hard
and all we need is time and the support of
those who love us. 

I am going to find the good in me and in 
my situation, the good is what keeps me 
going. Find the good. Find it in people and
 in life, it will keep you going too.