Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Want it Wednesday...


I just love laying by the pool, soaking up all
that Vitamin D, wearing sunnies and either
talking it up with some of my sweet friends 
or my gorgeous blonde boy! I have already
been getting excited for pool days, but I've 
gotta get my hands on the perfect suit first!

I have been wanting a one piece for quite some
time. Although, I don't necessarily think I will love 
the tan lines, I think I will love wearing one. Especially
since one pieces are so darn cute these days! 

And of course bikinis are my favorite, high waisted 
or regular is fine by me! They make the most perfect
 tan lines and I have always just preferred them!

How stinkin' cute are these ▲ two options from 
Albion Fit? They are a little pricey but I'm 
seriously considering saving up for one of 
these beauties!

And of course ▲ Target always has some great,
more affordable options!! So many different 
cuts and colors to choose from. Doesn't really
get any better than that!

Bring on the Pool Days!

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