Friday, May 23, 2014

5 years...

A little bit of our Facebook action over the last year...

Yes we did just see a Delorean and yes my husband did just high pitch squeal...

Me: do you need to pull up a picture to show her how you want your haircut?
Ryan: Nah, I know....

(Cut to haircut scene)
Ryan: can you explain how I want my haircut to her?


Yea we did just go shopping at Lowes, because we are adults and junk. — with Ryan Coble.
Weird conversations:
Ryan: Isn't it kinda weird that we have to harness him (Leo) up so he doesn't run away from us?
Me: Oh gosh, I never thought of that. Is he our prisoner? Have we taken him captive?

My wife talks in her sleep a lot. But this morning while I was getting ready for church, she said (while deep in sleep) "Micheal Keaton is my favorite Batman". I said "oh yeah mine too, why is he your favorite?" She said "cause he has really white teeth, Batman should have really white teeth" I said "Batman doesn't have time for good dental hygiene" she said "sacrificing your teeth for the good of others" ha ha ha I love this girl!!! — with AnnaLise Coble.

Will someone please tell my wife that I am not the only person in the world who uses the word pachyderm....... — with AnnaLise Coble.

How I know my husband loves me,
Ryan: "That pimple on your face looks like a beauty mark."
Love really is blind.

I'm officially a Coble you guys! COBLE!!! Name changed after almost 5 years of marriage. lol

Ryan: Well, what do we always say?
Me: What?
Ryan: Give a fish a grasshopper and he will eat a grasshopper.
Me: huh?

I wish I could say this made more sense in context...
 — with Ryan Coble.

Thank you for 5 years of laughter and love. You
are truly my soul mate. My best friend.
Happy Annieversary my love.

And also...
Really, I am.

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