Thursday, May 8, 2014

A Throwback Thursday of sorts // 003...

I remember sitting at that big ole', dark, 
water ring covered table,
me and you and you. Do you remember?
The smell of charbroiled double cheeseburgers
dripping with ketchup and mustard. The best 
place to dip fries into those burgers was right 
where the mustard, ketchup and cheese had
perfectly melted together!
Sometimes the sun was beaming in through the
huge sliding glass door, painting sunlight 
streams everywhere, all over that pink kitchen.
Sometimes It was dark and still and it was
 home. Some days I miss sitting at that table,
 in that house, our home. 

I was thinking of the home I grew up
in on a street called Estes when I wrote
this. Isn't it funny how some places stick
with us forever? I haven't lived in that 
house in 12 years, but when I dream I
am home, it's where I always am. 

It's almost Friday!


  1. Aw, this little throwback is the cutest!! :)
    xo TJ