Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Want it Wednesday...

summer sandals love

I HATE flip flops. I know, it's a strong word. 
But honestly, they hate me. I always get 
blisters and my feet hurt if I wear them for 
more than an hour. But what do I do every 
year? I buy flip flops. Well I've finally wised
up. While I do still have a few pairs for quick
errands, I'm definitely in the process of
 building up my more substantial sandal 
collection. I've listed a few here that I think
 will go with pretty much everything!
 I love the support Birkenstocks provide! It 
took me a while to get my Birks (#2) 
broken in but once I did, they are heaven!
I cannot wait to get my hands on a pair
of the Arizona soft beds!(#1) They remind me
of some off brand ones I had when I was
little. I wore those babies out! I need these!
 The Mossimo sandals are the best! I've had
them for about a month and I have worn 
them like crazy, plus they only cost 20 
bucks, can't beat that!
I'm still up in the air a bit about the 
Saltwaters (#3). There is something so
simple and feminine about them, but I'm
not sure how great they would look on
my feet, and I've had a tough time getting 
a feel for sizing, since you have to order 
them online. But I'm still feeling like they
would be worth a try!
And If you know me then you know I fully
endorse painted toe nails! So I added 
this super adorable Essie mini Spring set!

How do you guys feel about Birks?
Any other sandals I should be looking at?

Cheers to Wednesday! 
We're halfway there!

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