Friday, May 30, 2014


We had the best Annieversary Date Night. Get it?
 Annie-versary? That's what the blonde boy calls it! 
Pretty cute huh? I threw on my favorite sandals and
this pretty maxi that I actually wore to our wedding 
rehearsal dinner. I think its more in style now then
it was back then. Funny how things like that happen
huh? Super glad I held onto it.

▼This next one is blurry, but we like it. That's how we roll.

We made a weekend outta the thing. Lots of eating
 yummy stuff, we drove out to Ennis to go to the 
Drive-In, did a little exploring in Frisco, got pelted
(literally) with the biggest rain drops I've ever seen, 
got stuck in our car for much too long because of
 the rain, did some window shopping, watched a
ridiculous total of 5 movies including the two we 
saw at the Drive-In, all 5 were good by the way.
The stars were aligned for us. We had so much 
fun, a perfect, long weekend. I am so grateful
for times like these with the love of my life.

Happy Friday Friends!

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