Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursday things...

I want...
This week, you guys, I want for nothing.
I am spoiled. 

Let's talk about...

Where I've been this week. How dare I walk in
here and start blogging like I own the place? I
guess I technically do, but that's besides the
point. So anyways, I've been busy! I took a 
last minute trip home to Amarillo over the 
weekend to spend some time with my family.
Had to check on a heart that I love. Literally.
Hearts man, sometimes they get a little outta
whack! So I've just been trying to catch up
since flying in late Monday night! 

You should watch...
Have we talked about this? If not, we need
to. Its is just so good. I heard they were 
given a final season, which is better than just
cutting it off without us getting an ending. So
I can be happy about that. I love the family 
dynamic of the show, how huge and full of 
love and heartache it is. They do a fantastic 
job of showing real life. I definitely cant relate
to all of it, but I appreciate their effort to be 
real. Check it out you guys, it's really good.

I could just pick up Water Still in Amarillo 
and put it right near where I live. Oh my gosh.
That sweet mint tea tastes better every single 
time I visit. I took it for-granted when I lived
there, drinking all that Dr. Pepper when I could
have been drinking that yumminess. Geez old
me who lived in Amarillo, get it together!

It's almost Friday! 
Can you believe it?

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