Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday things...

I want...

To go to this...

I'm going to try to talk the blonde boy into it. 
(However we wont be dressing up, can you imagine?)

Let's talk about...

How much we rely on our darn cell phones! I
forgot mine today. I have repeatedly looked
for it to write my husband random texts today.
They would have ranged from completely 
pointless to not really that important. I 
would have shared with him about how my
morning was long, how hungry I was, how 
I planned to make a quick trip to Target on
my lunch to finally buy some ink for our 
printer and how I picked up some Watermelon 
Oreos as well, because...yum! Then I would 
have said how nice outside it is and about 
how all I could think about on my way to and 
from Target was "What If I get a flat or get
in a wreck? I don't have my phone to call him 
and my mom and you know, take pictures."
And lastly I would have shared with him how
happy I was I didn't have my phone when I
realized my bottle of water had leaked out 
into my purse while buying said things at 
Riveting, I know.

You should eat...

I know, I already talked about Watermelon Oreos last year.
But guess what, this year they are just as delicious. 
Eat em'!


I had e-mailed myself my blog for today.
Because it was good and uplifting and it
is currently sitting on my nightstand
inside my notes tab on my phone. 
Maybe it wasn't meant to be shared today! 

It's almost Friday!!

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