Friday, May 16, 2014

The Kohl's continuum...

There's this weird thing that always happens
to me. I go into Kohls and I almost always end
up buying some random article of clothing I find
in a completely different department than where 
it began. I pick up said article of clothing and
I'm like "Hey, I love this. Darn it's XS, this
won't fit." So I go searching for others like it,
I can always find where it should be, but can 
never find another of the same exact item. 
Whats so weird about it, is that the random 
size usually ends up fitting and is often on 
some sort of crazy sale. Me and Kohls, we 
got a love thing going on...
I present to you my new shirt which cost me
a whopping 4 bucks after sale price and coupons. 

▼ Leo just thought he wanted to get in on 
the picture action...
▲ "Oh no, she's got me"
▲ "This kiss is gonna happen I guess..."

Happy Friday you guys!!!
Do something fun with someone you love
this weekend!!

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