Monday, May 19, 2014

This weekend we tried to have a date night...

Friday night we set out for a Date Night. Remember 
when I talked about seeing FROZEN by the creek? 
Such. A. Bad. Idea.
It was packed, like sitting in walkways packed. After
about 5 minutes of trying to eat my food and being 
bumped and a little afraid of being stepped on, I
was defeated. We found ourselves a bench off to the
side where we ate and chatted. turned out to be 
pretty nice actually. The weather was perfect! We 
walked around a bit and then headed for the car 
because we were really feelin' some ice cream. To 
Braums! The line at Braums was out the door and
 if you know anything about Braums, that would 
have ended up being a 45 minute wait or worse. So
we went next door and settled for a shake from Sonic,
it was no cherries, pecans and cream but it was 
surprisingly delicious. I sound like I'm being a brat 
here but if you know me, you know, I'm not really big
 on ice cream unless its a waffle cone with cherries, 
pecans and cream from Braums or a paleta! I could 
eat that every single day. Anyways then we 
attempted to go swing and look at the stars at a little
 park by our apartment. Between driving from Sonic to
 the park, the temperature dropped a lot! It was COLD!! 
So we stuck it out as long as we could in our summer 
clothes but it was just too chilly! So home we went.
 And you know what? I was really happy. Even though
 it seemed like everything we tried to do didn't work
 out, it was so sweet the way that blonde boy kept
 trying to make it work. I feel very blessed to 
call him mine.

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