Friday, May 2, 2014

You're cooler in the Winter...

This is going to sound terrible you guys. But
 it really isn't. It's actually really, really

Ryan: Is that what your going to wear for   
the outfit pictures.

Me: Yes, why? 
Ryan: reason.
          Me: You don't like what I'm wearing? I thought 
you thought I dress cool.

Ryan: You do, it's just that, you're cooler   
in the winter.

I laughed. So. Hard.

▼ I talked the hubby into just 1 picture ▼
▼ Oh and this one of course.Because kisses! ▼

When we walked up to this little park these dudes
were hanging out. A duck gang if you will. A very
small duck gang.

And then this little guy invaded their territory.
They took care of him real quick. I really wish
we could have heard what they were saying. 
Because the confrontation was too cute!

It's Friday y'all! 
Enjoy it!