Thursday, May 1, 2014

Thursday things...

I want...

Hobo Lauren Wallet! I am obsessed. 
This is soooo going on my birthday wish list 
this year! It's multi-functional, comes in so many
great colors and it has a super adorable lining!

Lets talk about...

The terrible tornadoes that struck Arkansas. A lot
 of people lost homes, loved ones and memories! 
Emily over at TheSweetestThingBlog has a fantastic
 giveaway going on that will benefit many of those in 
need! Head here to find out more! It's pretty 
amazing what we can do together!

You should eat...

I LOVE these! The real ones are so 
readily available via walking carts in Amarillo.
 Sadly they are hard to come by in the DFW. So
these frozen treats found at Walmart definitely
do the trick! I especially love the mini ones 
because I get three flavors to choose from!
Also lets be honest, when I eat two because
mango and strawberry sound good, I almost
don't feel as bad!


It was already Memorial Day Weekend! I
cannot wait to celebrate 5 years of being 
a wife to my sweet hubby and enjoy a 
paid day off work!

It's almost Friday!!

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