Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Little Things...


Do you ever just have the longest day? The kind
that just knocks you off your feet? I was so allergy
attacked and exhausted yesterday. And the day was
non-stop. I left my apartment at 7:20 am and got
home at 9:25 pm. I immediately ate a mini paleta
and fell fast asleep. The blonde boy even thought 
I was kidding and tried to tickle me to prove I 
wasn't asleep. You guys, I was asleep.
And what I didn't realize then or even notice due
to the sleepiness of it all was that my sweet 
husband did the dishes for me. When I realized 
it this morning I felt really touched. And I know 
that sounds positively silly, but it literally made
me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. 
Something so simple but so thoughtful can really
make someones day. I really hate doing the dishes
y'all, it's one of those jobs that seems like it's never
done, ever.
I wrote all of this to say, don't forget the little things.
Sometimes, something that seems little to you might
be just what someone else needs. 

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