Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Two good things Tuesday...

I LOVE a good lip gloss. I am currently obsessed
with the two I am about to list for you! Just wanted
to share in case you are like me and always on the 
hunt for THE perfect gloss!

NYX butter gloss

This stuff smells amazing, tastes like
nothing and seriously feels like butter. It
isn't sticky like most other glosses and is 
super moisturizing. There is a reason I listed
this one first, not only is it a steal at $4.99, 
but I seriously vouch for this gloss. It is 
perfect! Get it here!

▼ I'm wearing it here ▼

bareMinerals marvelous MOXIE

This is a beautiful gloss. It's shiny, smells
like peppermint and tingles perfectly when 
applied! A little sticky but much less sticky 
than most other glosses! This one is definitely
 on the higher end price wise at $18.00 but I
 think in this case, you definitely get what you
 pay for! Get it here!

▼ I'm wearing it here ▼

I also swatched them for you! That way
you could see that they are both thick 
and shiny and gorgeous! 

 Rebel came out looking very orange when I
 swatched it but is 100% pink. Must be my lighting,
but anyways just use the photo to reference the

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