Friday, June 20, 2014

Take it easy...

I'm a big fan of being comfortable but I like to
be at least somewhat stylish while I'm at it if 
at all possible. I think throwing on a few 
classics can be the perfect combination. In this 
case, I was on my way to a photo shoot early in
 the morning, so I chose a cotton, button up 
chambray style top with my favorite shorts,
 my birks and my pretty arvo watch. It wasn't 
much. But I felt really good in it and the best 
part was, it made changing between shoot
 locations a breeze. Seriously, If you ever 
need tips on how to change clothes
in a parking lot, I'm your girl!

▼ Am I giving you "the smolder" right here?

Happy Friday!!

"Style is the sum of so many things
-beginning with a sense of who you are
and having self-confidence."
-Kate Spade


  1. Dear, randomly found your blog and I’d like to say that you have amazing design, beautiful photos and interesting posts! I’m also impressed by your style! Everything is magnificent!

    would you like to follow each other?
    will be happy to see you in my blog)

    1. Thank you so much Diana! I will definitely check out your blog as well! Thank you for the kind words! :)