Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bigger. Blacker. Badder....

I was lucky enough to score a free sample 
of Urban Decays new Perversion Mascara 
which will be available to purchase on
 7/13/14. It will retail at $22.00.

I already have super long lashes so I was
excited to see what they really meant by
Bigger. Blacker. Badder.



I think what they might have meant was
exactly what they said...

BIGGER- Much fuller looking after just one coat of
 this gorgeous stuff.
BLACKER- Yes, much more intense pigmentation
to this mascara than any I've used before.
BADDER- I love a bold look, and I guess bold can
be bad, so yea, definitely badder.

I did only one full coat plus one more swipe after
the first coat was basically dry, so imagine what 
I could do with 3 or more coats. It would be insane.
It feels a little cold as it goes on which I really
liked for some reason, it went on smooth and didn't
even begin to clump. I really like it, If you get a 
chance to try it out, go for it! Good stuff!

If you happen to be wondering what would be
 a good drugstore comparable mascara, I got
 you covered there. Try the Rimmel ScandalEyes 
Retroglam mascara! It gives you thick, very,
 very black lashes. Does clump some though.
 Just FYI. But definitely a good alternative.

Happy almost Friday!!!

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