Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Never stop exploring...

I came across this while browsing Polyvore...

It's like my hearts motto, the motto of
the relationship I have with my husband,
the yearning for something new we have
been feeling for the last few years. In our
heart of hearts, we want to keep learning,
seeing new places, meeting new people. 

In our marriage, we are always wanting to 
learn, wanting to be better versions of our-
selves so we can continue being better at 
being married. You can never be perfect,
but you can strive towards it. We certainly

In this same way, we want to be the best
people we can be and in the same way, we
think adventures make us better. Exploring
the newness around us makes us better 
people, better friends, better humans.

I'm grateful God gave us the hearts of 
explorers and I cannot wait to see where
we go, who we meet and whats ahead.

I know its going to be good!

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