Tuesday, July 22, 2014

'round here...

Am I the only one who just started singing that as soon
as I saw it written out? I'm a 90's kid to the core. What 
can I say? 

So where have I been over the last week? Goodness, I've
been busy. We have a visitor, my husbands younger bro
is staying with us. We stole him on our way out of 
Amarillo the weekend before last. Ok, we didn't steal
 him, we got permission. But we might keep him!
 He's awesome! There's been a lot of FIFA on the PS3,
 Disney Channel and listening to two boys with a 19
 year age gap still manage to find a few silly things
 to pick on each other about. It's been great! 

Speaking of on our way back from Amarillo...
The blonde boy spent the weekend with his family
and I went with my sisters to New Mexico to our dads 
annual BBQ! We had a blast! 

 ▼Hi there New Mexico, the throw I almost bought at a gas
station that I'm still dreaming about was pretty enchanting...▼
(That tiny car with two huge bikes on top is my brother in laws,
that's how he rolls...)
 ▼ I always know I will get to see some amazing sky paintings 
when I'm there. ▼
 ▼ And weirdness...it runs in our veins...▼
▼ I have the best time with these people!! ▲

 ▼Just me and my daddy▼

 ▼ Nothing like a beautiful New Mexico morning and one
of these! My new obsession! They are the perfect
amount of sweet and coffee! Thanks daddy! ▼
 ▼ My sis taught me how to do a bow bun! Isn't it
the cutest? ▼
▼ My other sister and I are quite ridiculous when a mirror
happens to cross our path. Just some quality time
 in the Clines Corners bathroom... ▼
 ▼ Got this pretty lady all to myself for lunch on the way
 outta town! ▼

It was a gorgeous weekend and I'm so glad
I got a chance to see a ton of my sweet family!

Two good things to end this post since it is Tuesday...

A few photos from the Scavenger Hunt we took
part in over this last weekend 

            ▲ That is Ryan's little bro!                        ▲ And this is John 

Last but not least...
I had to...

Happiest of Tuesdays
 to you!!

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