Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Birthday stuffs...

This years birthday had a bit of a rough start you guys. 
Believe me when I say, I am not trying to complain. 
This hard start would definitely fall under the first world
problems hashtag. I had to work. But really, I had the
opportunity to work and make money to pay my bills.
One of those blessings in disguise things there, although
for future reference, I would gladly allow my birthday to 
fall on weekends only. Then due to my car being at the
shop and my hubby having a busy work day, I spent my
lunch alone in the break room eating leftovers. Not my
idea of a birthday lunch but the leftovers were good and
of course my knight in shining armor brought me a huge,
 delicious, fresh berry tea from McAllisters later on in the 
day. My favorite right now! When work was finished, we 
went and had a delicious dinner and I tried fried oreos 
for the first time. Um, yum.

And we ended the night by picking up this kid from
the airport!

Happy Birthday to me! 

The weekend before, we had a blast doing a little 
pre-celebration! We saw Guardians of the Galaxy
 which was seriously so good! And at my favorite

The blonde boy allowed me to take ridiculous amounts
of selfies...

And just like every year, because I'm positively
spoiled. I was showered with gifts by friends and

▲ This is just what the blonde boy got me. 

Thank you all you lovely people. I love you!

Happy Wednesday!
Life is truly, truly lovely!

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