Thursday, August 7, 2014

Thursday things...

I want...
To see the new Ninja Turtles Movie.

I know, I know. A lot of you already hate it and 
can't believe they changed the origination story.
But I for one, like to see something before I have
an opinion about it. I definitely want to see this! 
It looks fun and I love Megan Fox! What do you
guys think?

Let's talk about...
I've been trying for quite sometime to find
something I can use to control my very unruly
brows. If I trim them to control them, they look
sparse, and sparse they are not. I went to the 
store in search of that mascara that is clear. Do
y'all remember? I used to use it on a daily basis. 
I think it was either maybelline or N.Y.C. brand.
Anyways, the plan was to try putting this on my 
brows to set them. But after I couldn't find any, I 
started thinking about it and figured, yea that would
have most likely been really shiny and weird, mostly
because I pretty much have black eyebrows. I did 
end up finding out though, that several brands DO still
 offer clear mascara. And a lot of people use it for their 
eyebrows! It wasn't as crazy an idea as I thought. 
In particular, I think I'll try out the Maybelline Great
 Lash Mascara in clear and see if it works. I suppose if
 it doesn't, I can always go back and re-live my early
 teens and wear clear mascara for a bit. Oh to be
 young and clear mascara-ed.

I got...
My hands or should I say fingers on a few of
the Sinful Colors polishes courtesy of PINCHme.

These colors are gorgeous and this polish
actually had some staying power I wasn't 
expecting. Plus besides OPI, I haven't been 
able to find a beautiful sea foam green like
 this Open Seas color. The blonde boy loves 
it! It's his dream guitar color right now. I 
had planned to link the polish here, but I 
cant seem to find either online. The silver
 is called tantalize. Happy hunting!
 It's worth the hunt!

It's almost Friday!!

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