Friday, August 15, 2014

I'll miss...

-you mostly

-knocks on the door that sound almost human when you want in my room

-your scrunchy nose when I get you right in the right spot on that chin of yours

-those unrealistically blue eyes

-hearing you say mom to our mom (funniest thing ever)

-that belly

-painful, sandpaper kisses every now and then

-face time with you and mom (even though you were never that interested)

-you "making cookies" (painful but full of love)

-you stepping on a blanketed Leo every single time we came to visit

-waking up with 10 or so tiny cuts on the under side of my arm, that's where you really like to love on me. 

-watching you wait and then steal Ricks chair within seconds of him standing up. And then you looking ridiculously happy with yourself once you are comfy.

-that pink nose

Leo will miss...

-nap time with you in his cage

-you teaching him how to be a cat for the first 4 months of his life, he really likes a good sunbathing session and cleaning himself.

Love you Punky.

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