Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Love letters to the blonde boy // 003...

"You're always saving me."
 I've said that to you probably a million times. 
Maybe it was a sad, horrible day and you saved 
me by doing that one dance. You know, the one 
that makes me fight giggles until I can no longer
 fight. Or maybe you literally saved me, like 
stopped me from being catastrophically clumsy.
 The struggle is real. You are always stopping me
 mid-you're-about-to-really-hurt-yourself, do-
your-eyes-even-work-at-all-? falling, tripping, 
kicking things that have always been there.
 Maybe my heart is hurting in that dark, ugly crying
 kind of way, but you save me then too. You've
 been saving me excessively for 12 years or so.
 And for that darling, I am grateful. 

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