Friday, August 29, 2014

taking stock // 003...

Making: framed art for a collage wall
Cooking : Mexican Food like I don't even know how to cook anything else         anymore!
Drinking : sweet tea, so much sweet tea
Reading: All In by Mark Batterson
Wanting: my nails to quit peeling
Looking: to the future
Playing: The Simpsons Tapped Out when the memory on my phone allows
Wasting: so much time on Pretty Little Liars and loving it!
Sewing: nothing...but really wanting to!
Wishing: for an adventure
Enjoying: my Birkenstocks more that I thought I would...I might be obsessed
Waiting: for a good deal on a new iPhone, it's time
Liking: Buen Sabor frozen meals, they are kind of outstanding
Wondering: if time is going faster or If I'm just not paying attention...
Loving: my sweet husband, he gets me through.
Hoping: things slow down sometime
Marveling: at the power of probiotics-WOW!
Needing: to get baby shower invites in the mail...
Smelling: conditioner, it's a clean hair day
Wearing: skinny jeans like its my job
Following: end of season sales!! I love a good deal!
Noticing: My dog getting crazier by the day
Knowing: Parts of life are really beautiful and I should always cherish those     moments to make the harder ones just a little bit more bearable.
Thinking: about dinner and I haven't even had lunch
Feeling: Grateful
Bookmarking: scholarships
Opening: a bag of Caramel Bugles if I can get my hands on some
Giggling: at Amazon reviews, I'm pretty sure some of these people are actual
Feeling: excited for the long weekend with my momma

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