Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Two good things Tuesday...

Caramel Bugles

I'm not a big fan of Bugles but I thought these
would be the perfect food to imitate tornadoes,
shark fins and shark teeth during a very fancy
screening of Sharknado 2 that happened in my 
living room. Well, I don't like bugles, but I LOVE
caramel Bugles! They taste like happy. But
 really. Only problem, these are not easy to come
by. I picked up this bag on a whim and haven't
been able to find it since. But I will, and when I
do I might eat them on vanilla ice cream with 
whipped cream. You know, instead of just spraying
the whipped cream straight out of the can into 
my mouth. I'm trying to keep it classy around 
here you guys.

Gwen Stefani at the 2014 Emmys

On first glance you're a little blinded but also
intrigued. The sparkles of it all, the gorgeous 
makeup with the simple, very straight, blunt
 hair. Its really hard not to love it.


Also that Robin Williams Tribute by Billy Crystal
was beautiful! Did you catch it?

Happy Tuesday to you! 
I think this week is going to fly by!

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