Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The funk strikes again...

No, no...not the funk, like dancing. Although
with the way everything comes back, it would
not surprise me. Back to what I really meant.
The funk. I hit this type of funk every so often 
and it's a real bummer you guys. Because I
want to come here every single day and share
some love with you awesome people. But I've
been feeling kinda out of it. Life seems like its
gearing up to throw me for a loop. Do you know 
what I mean? Its like the calm before the storm 
or something. I'm just enjoying the calm. Well,
I'm enjoying the calm between trying to find 
sleep all the way through the night. If it isn't
the dog waking me up because he's suddenly 
decided he will no longer be treated with such
disrespect as sleeping in his own bed with his 3 
cozy blankets in the living room, then it's me 
inside my own head. Thinking he's up, thinking
 I hear something, being sore in the middle of
 the night for no good reason. Who knows? Sleep
and me, we're usually pretty good friends. I'm
on a mission to rekindle that friendship, and

 This is the culprit you guys. He goes by Leo and 
he's armed with really intense kicks, cuteness,
very loud whining and sheer determination.

So anyways, the point is...I'm still here! Thanks
for letting me share!

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