Thursday, September 11, 2014


Today I feel grateful...
I feel grateful for the little things and the big.
For my life and for my country. I am grateful
for not only firefighters, police officers and the
 United States Armed forces, but also for ordinary 
people who sacrificed their lives for the safety of 
others on a normal day in September. Normal, it
 will never be again.

Each year I don't allow myself to sit down and
watch 9/11 specials because I would watch it for
hours. I would cry and I would feel again what we
all felt that day. Today I've only watched one story.
 And surprisingly, it was one I'd never heard before. 

It is the story of the Man in the Red Bandanna.
I think you should watch it too. Get to know Welles.
 Get to know one of so many heroes that day. 

We Will Never Forget.

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