Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Want it Wednesday...

The blonde boys absolute favorite is what he
calls surf green. Because in the case of guitars,
it is always called surf green. But if you're talking
 fashion, then it's called Mint Green. Mint Green, 
you guys, it's really growing on me. I want lots 
of it. Its feminine but it isn't pink, it's kind of the
 perfect middle ground because whats more 
masculine than army green? So just meet us
 girls in the middle and we have lovely Mint

I originally scooped up a polish in this shade knowing
 my hubby would love it! He did but I didn't know I
would love it so much too! Time to start adding a
 few more touches of his favorite color to my
 wardrobe. Little pops of color that make
 both of us happy!

Surf Green aka Mint Green love

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