Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Two good things Tuesday...

This photo.
Because this is literally what our drive home from 
work looks like on the daily. Me taking pictures with
my phone, being loud, complaining about being sleepy 
or complaining about not being able to wear sunglasses
 because of my actual glasses. Those suckers get in the
 way of life you guys. Anyways, there's my Mr. Quiet, 
and only silly when I can't get tangible proof. I love 
this little part of our life, it's good and it wont last
 forever so I'm gonna cherish it and have as much
 fun with my blonde boy as I can.

This conversation:

Me: I wish I had time to blow dry my hair this 
morning. It would look so much better.

The blonde boy: Yea, but at least your purse 
matches your outfit today.

That's how I know I've found the right one you

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